Curriculum based on CBSE pattern with emphasis on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual world of students.

School Governance System complying with National Accreditation requirements.Competent teaching and support staff to facilitate learning in a unique way.A unique co-educational day boarding school balancing academics, co-curricular, sports and life skills.Spread over 8 acres campus, 10 minutes drive from city.Education promising to retain Indian values and ethos. Education & Entertainment Toy & Book Library to aspire young minds.Waterford’ – World’s leading e-learning program dedicated to providing every child with the finest education, through the development of high quality educational models, programs and software.Teacher’s trainings and special interactive platforms for parents.



… Building as a learning aid

The school building and premises has been designed with a philosophy to construct learning at all times.The learning will happen outside the classroom too.The structures, walls, trees, toys and even the emptyspaces are planned to add value in learning process.The school plan assures the perfect learning environment… enough illumination, ventilation, low noise level, temperature.The safety aspects have been given utmost priority.The school conforms to all international safety requirements.Aesthetically the school revel Indian ethos and help to instill Indian values.