We believe that education aims at helping students be the most they can be. Education with a holistic perspective is concerned with the development of every person’s

  • Intellectual          
  • Emotional
  • Physical                                 
  • Aesthetic                        
  • Social           
  • Cultural development          

The curriculum is comprehensive and based on core subjects going beyond academic book knowledge and also facilitating development of concepts, ideas and skills. In our school the curriculum is developed keeping in mind the highest international standards and creative good practices, covering the scholastic and co-scholastic aspects in a balanced way.


The delivery methods and activities are designed in such a fashion that the child will ENJOY the learning process. The learning will come in a most natural way. Various activities will foster the physical  development and good health habits. Child will feel secure and happy and will mix in group to develop leadership traits. The curiosity will be further nourished to bring out creativity to the fullest extent.The school process will also lay a foundation for sound ethical values.

Early reading Program, Early Math and Science reach out to every child through engaging activities, books, games and songs.


Our early English curriculum focuses on five areas essential to English learning success:

  1. Phonological Awareness
  2. Phonics
  3. Vocabulary and Comprehension
  4. Fluency
  5. Language Concepts


Math and Science is a comprehensive, research based curriculum that gives students a solid foundation in basic Math and Science skills by:

  1. Teaching basic Math facts and operations
  2. Teaching methods of exploration
  3. Fostering curiosity in students of all abilities
  4. Encouraging students to actively explore their world through music, art, literature, videos, and game like activities.

The Math curriculum maintains a balance between stressing basic skills and a conceptual approach. Research shows that students who have a solid foundation in basic skills and an ability to  solve problems creatively are more likely to develop a lifelong appreciation of Mathematics.The Science curriculum engages students in inquiries that are interesting and important. The curriculum promotes retention of scientific information, by teaching students to observe, manipulate, and ask questions, while learning concepts.


Books and toys play a crucial role in child’s learning and personality shaping. These things work wonders, especially between 1- 12 years, when 90% of their brain is being shaped.For the first time in Jalna, Anil Jindal World School presents a kid’s educational and entertainment library which is been set up with a mission to provide wholesome development of our students throughout their development journey. Now our juniors can have fun and frolic with multifarious toys, books, CDs, puzzles and games. All the play and learning  accessories are of high quality, innovative and hygienic.Abreast your child with the newest of the play world and enjoy the freedom from buying new toys every month