The laboratories are equipped with the latest and most modern facilities. Keeping in tune with technology obsessed contemporary times. Anil Jindal World School ensures that hand-on-knowledge is placed on an equal footing as theoretical knowledge, for the students all round development. For this purpose the school has laboratories in numerous disciplines, which provide exhaustive knowledge to its students. The student-Friendly atmosphere in this laboratories facilitate in enhancing the overall personality of the students.


The IT and Resource Centre is an integral part of the schools facilities. The Centre is fully equipped with a network of IBM-compatible PCs, internal facilities used for specific lessons in computer applications and individual project work. Newer versions of Operating Systems are introduced and updated from time to time. Our IT and Resource Centre incorporates the latest field of software and hardware. The Centre Provides a wide range of software covering the fields of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, as well as more specialized areas such as web designing and others. Learning of computer science is a must par with other compulsory subjects.


Our School has an excellent and fabulous Math Lab. This is one of its kind, an exceptional laboratory with respect to all mathematical activities in our school. The Math Lab has been successful in making a student with arithmophobia into a student with arithmophilia. The Math Lab enhances the idea of “Learning by doing”. Students of any level (weak, average and scholar) can learn math easily by doing it practically rather than rote. Math Lab enables the student to understand the value of practical usage of math in the outer world. They never forget math for their life. Math Lab is the best way to restore:

I Hear – I Forget, I see – I Remember

I Do –   I understand, AND…..

I Practice – I Excel


We offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities that helps students imbibe valuable lessons in social development and responsibilities. Diverse activities like Music, Art, Dance, Theatre, Creative Writing, Debates, Personality Development and Cyber Clubs encourage students all round development.

Our school offers the students more than one avenue to develop, discover and nurture their talents.  Every student is encouraged to participate in debates, elocution, quiz competitions, dance, drama, music and outdoor activities and to enjoy their participation in such events.

We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to excel in academics and sports. Besides physical exercise, they impart valuable lessons in leadership, discipline, competitiveness, fair- play, perseverance and team spirit.


There is a large collection of reference books in diverse disciplines: from pure sciences to forestry, environmental studies, astronomy, classics, comparative literature, dram, mythology, law, linguistics, medicine, and statistics. The leisure reading section covers the entire spectrum from the epics to bestsellers.

The Librarian offers assistance in retrieving information, identifying research strategies, and acquiring books periodically.

Books fairs are often organized by different publishers time to time.

The school has a modern Amphitheatre. With great interest the students take part in the annual dramatics competition. This colorful event helps to establish many a talent to blossom in the years ahead.


The students are grouped under 4 houses namely Agni, Prithvi, Salil and Vyom. They are also organized into various clubs and work under the guidance of the respective teachers. Various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are organized. Students participate in an array of competitions held at our school premises and by various organization, and won laurels for the school. They participate in inter school competitions like Painting, Sports, Dance and in the National Cricket Tournament, Table tennis, Football, Basketball, Kho-Kho etc.

The school inculcates the patriotic feeling by celebrating National Festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day with enthusiasm and fervour.

Music is a part of our life in our school with something for everyone. Students are allowed to choose from a wide range of Indian and Western keyboard and percussion instruments besides singing lessons. They are encouraged to form vocal and instrumental group from a school- level orchestra to informal bands.

Theatre groups are invited to present plays while leading theatre personalities holds workshops to encourage students to explore their potential.