Admissions and Withdrawals

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Admission Policy

The school shall aim to get meritorious students who are aligned with the vision and mission of the school at the same time are able to pay the school fees as revised from time to time. Being a Hindi minority school, the school reserves 50% of the seats for students whose mother tongue is Hindi.

The school will have only 32 students in a section and a maximum of three sections per grade. Attempt shall be made to have the maximum envisaged strength in a section without compromising on the points mentioned above. If there are enough applications for adding 10 more students than the maximum envisaged strength of 32, a new section shall be started not exceeding three, and the students shall be divided into two sections more or less equally. The current strength of the different classes can be seen here.

Admissions shall be given only till the end of June of every year unless circumstances, as determined by the Principal, warrant them. Admissions will be open only from Nursery to Grade 9.

Admission Conditions

A student seeking admission to any class in the school will be eligible for admission to that class only if he/she :

(i) has been studying in a School recognised by or affiliated to CBSE or any other recognised Board of Secondary Education in India;

(ii) has passed qualifying or equivalent qualifying examination making him eligible for admission to that Class;

(iii) satisfies the requirements of age limits (minimum and maximum) as determined by the Maharashtra State Government;

(iv) Produces:

(a) The School Leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate signed by the Head of the Institution last attended and countersigned, if required as per CBSE rules;

(b) Document(s) in support of his having passed the qualifying or equivalent qualifying examination;

(c) Date of Birth Certificate issued by the Registrar of Birth and Deaths, where-ever existing, as proof of date of birth;

(d) Aadhaar Card;

(e) Caste certificate issued by the competent authority;

(f) Disability Certificate issued by Government Hospital (if applicable);

(g) Health certificate in the format issued by the school; Click here:Health Certificate Format

(h) Migration certificate in the case of students admitted to class 11 from another board of education;

(i) 3 copies of photographs.

Admission Procedure

The parent/guardian of the child seeking admission should go through the school website thoroughly to understand the philosophy and working of the school. Only if there is an alignment of the vision and expectations should the parents consider taking admission in the school.

The parent/guardian of the child should fill up the online Admission form which is available on the click of the button on the top of this page or here: Admission Form. The details should be filled in correctly as this will form the data which goes into the admission register of the school. The form will be printed at the school and the same will have to be signed by the parent/guardian.

Please note that filling up the admission form does not mean that the child will be admitted in the school.

The child may be called for an evaluation to understand the current proficiency and skill of the child. This may be done through tests and inteview.

Those selected for admission will be informed by the Principal in writing. The parent/guardian has to pay the amounts mentioned in the admission letter under various heads to take admission in the school. If the conditions of admission are not met, admission will be provisional. If provisional admission is given for failure to meet the conditions of admission, the deficiencies are to be rectified within the period given to the parent/guardian by the school and failure to do so will entail cancellation of admission. Also, please note that fees paid will not be refunded in such cases.

On admission the parents will be informed of the date from which the child has to attend school, the house allotted to the child, and the section in which the child has been admitted. The parent/guardian should collect the books and stationery from the school as intimated by the school. The child should wear the house T shirt and shorts as per the school rules. The school uniform is available with the official school outfitter, the details of which can be collected from the school office.

Once admitted the parents/guardians will be called to the school on a day convenient to the school for an orientation. It is compulsory for the parents to attend the same.

Fee Structure

The school charges reasonable fees to meet the financial needs of the school. The school fees are revised every two years as per the governement norms. The annual fees for the years 2024-26 in Rupees are as follows:

Fee Head

Play Group

Nur, LKG & UKG

Grades 1 to 4

Grades 5 to 8

Grades 9 & 10

Registration Fee*






Admission Fees*






Tuition Fee






Food charges






PTA fee






* Only applicable for new admissions.

Please note that food charges are subject to change depending on inflation.

Books, stationery and Robotics kit charges will vary from year to year depending on the books and materials being used.

Anil Jindalji Scholarship Programme

The school offers Anil Jindalji Scholarship to deserving students. These scholarships are awarded as per the norms given below:

Scope and Nature of Scholarship

1. Scholarship shall be given to meritorious students of classes 1 to 8.

2. The tenure of the scholarship shall be 1 year. The scholarship will not be renewed automatically.

3. The scholarship will be given by way of concession in tuition fee for students studying in Anil Jindal World School only.

4. Three students of each class mentioned above shall be given concession - one will be given 100% concession, another 75% concession and a third 50% concession.

5. The merit of children shall be ascertained by conducting a test as detailed under ‘identifying merit’.

6. The scholarship programme will be initially for 5 years starting from 2022-23, after which a decision will be taken on the continuance of the programme.

Who can apply

1. Students of any school within the Jalna Municipality limit, including Anil Jindal World School may apply and take part in the merit identifying process.

2. The application will be for the next grade in relation to the one they are studying in currently. Thus only students of grades Upper Kindergarten to grade 7 can apply.

Identifying Merit

1. The merit of students shall be judged by way of written tests conducted by the school.

2. The subjects for the tests will be English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science for grades 4 to 8 and English, Mathematics and Environmental Science for grades 1 to 3.

3. The tests will consists of 100 multiple choice questions and/or one word answer questions of 1 mark each for classes 4 to 8 and 75 multiple choice questions for classes 1 to 3.

4. All the questions in the test will be of understanding or HOTS type.

5. The questions asked shall be as per the expected class level and as per the NCERT prescribed National Curriculum.

6. The tests shall be time bound.

7. Based on the performance in the test, the students shall be ranked and a list of top five rankers made for each grade.

Award of Scholarship

1. Only those who have secured minimum 85% in the test will be awarded the scholarship irrespective of the rank.

2. In case of a tie for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd rank, the scholarship shall be divided between the students who are tied for the positions. For example, if two students tie for the 1st position, the scholarship concession for the 1st and 2nd position will be divided between the two, which means both the students will get a concession of 87.5%.

3. The decision of the school shall be final and binding on all.


Parents who want to withdraw their children should inform the school well in advance - 3 months notice is expected. TC application should be made at least 7 days before the actual date of requirememt of the TC. The reason for withdrawal shall be mentioned in the application form.

The various departmental heads will indicate if there are any dues in the TC form. If there are any dues, the same will be communicated to the parent/guardian for payment.

The transfer certificate should be collected by the parents under signature. The date of receipt of the certificate also should be mentioned therein.

After receiving the transfer certificate, the parent/guardian are requested to give their valuable inputs regarding the school without any inhibitions in the form meant for the purpose. This will help the school in taking necessary actions to improve.